What Kind of Oil Should You Use for an Oil Change in Fort Wayne IN

One of the most important steps in quality car and truck maintenance in Fort Wayne is to schedule a regular oil change. The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate the vehicle’s hardworking mechanical parts. Friction and heat are created when the engine runs, and these forces could ultimately cause serious damage.

 With four main types of engine oil to choose from, you may understandably be baffled by what oil to pick. The reality is that the type of motor oil used could directly impact everything from the car’s performance to its longevity and more. With this in mind, what type of motor oil should you choose?

 Conventional Oil

 Conventional motor oil is generally the most affordable option, and it has almost universal purposes. It is among the most common types of engine oil used in local service centers today. Why would you choose this oil over the other options? This could be the best option for your engine if your vehicle has a simple engine design and if the odometer reading shows low to mid-level mileage. Generally, conventional oil is best for late-model, light-duty vehicles. With this in mind, conventional oil may be so popular among local drivers because many vehicles on the road may meet these criteria. Nonetheless, conventional oil may not be the best option for all drivers. 

 Full Synthetic Oil

 While drivers may understandably want to keep the cost of oil change in Fort Wayne as low as possible, they also may want to enjoy optimal performance from their engine. Full synthetic oil can cost twice as much as conventional oil or more. The oil may offer superior lubrication properties, enhance fuel economy, and optimize horsepower for the higher price. Notably, it may be the best option for high-performance vehicles, such as sports cars. It is a smart option for powerful trucks that do hauling and towing. Because of its properties, full synthetic oil may hold up better in extremely hot and cold temperatures. Even older engines may benefit from full synthetic oil because it may reduce the likelihood of thick build-up in the engine. 

 Synthetic Blend Oil

 You may see that conventional and full synthetic oil each have their unique set of advantages. Synthetic blend motor oil may strike a happy balance between the two options. While it may be more expensive than conventional oil, its price may be significantly lower than full synthetic oil. Its synthetic properties may stem from special additives that are resistant to oxidation and perform well in cold temperatures. Some drivers could choose a synthetic blend oil when they are transitioning from conventional oil for a newer car to full synthetic oil as their engine ages. 

 High Mileage Oil

 If your car has more than 75,000 miles, a high mileage oil may be right for it. This special type of oil specifically combats many of the engine troubles of older vehicles. For example, it may reduce the likelihood of oil leaks. It could also reduce oil consumption by the engine. Through its use, the production of smoke and emissions could also be reduced. 

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