Painting Colors Tips And Tricks To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Regardless of the room you are decorating, you understandably need to highlight the room’s attributes and also infuse the space with your sense of style. Decorating smaller spaces requires you to focus on using paint to create the illusion of depth or space while also bringing your taste into the room. Many of the go-to tips you may have heard about color selection actually do not hold true in a small bathroom. What should you know about paint colors before you hire an interior decorator in Fort Wayne to help you design a beautiful space?

 Select a Variety of Colors or Tones

 Some people have heard that they should use lighter colors or even white in small spaces and darker colors in large spaces. This is because white has a way of stretching the eye while dark, deep hues can create a sense of depth. While this holds true for larger rooms, the opposite effect is achieved in tiny bathrooms. Rather than using any one color throughout the space, choose a variety of complementary colors or tones of the same color. If your walls are painted one color, go a few shades lighter or darker with the cabinets, shelves and other built-in features.

 Paint a Focal Wall

 Another idea is to create a focal wall using a darker shade of the same palette. An accent or focal wall can create a sense of depth in the room. This is because darker colors seem to visually recede in small areas. With this in mind, carefully select the wall that you want to accent based on the dimensions of the space. If your bathroom is rectangular, choose one of the smaller walls that is opposite the doorway as your focal wall. If your space is relatively square, choose a full wall that does not have doors or windows. Often, the wall with the vanity mirror would be a good focal point. Because each room has a different design, you should consult with your Fort Wayne interior designer for assistance. 

 Select Vibrant Hues

 Soft colors can make a space seem lighter and brighter, but crisp, vibrant colors can magnify the sense of space in a smaller room. For the best results, consider choosing two complementary tones for the entire room décor. When a lighter or neutral shade separates these two vibrant tones, the illusion of depth is magnified.

 Take Advantage of Shadows

 While dark colors in a small space can create a sense of depth, they can also create shadows. In smaller rooms, shadows can work in your favor by camouflaging the exact dimensions of the room. To benefit fully from a shadowy design effect, work with your interior decorator to ensure that the lighting and the room’s other colors and features all come together to produce the desired result. 

 Make Small Features Pop

 Regardless of whether you choose to take advantage of the airiness of pastels or the brilliance of bold paint colors, you should plan to incorporate some accents in the space using color. For example, if the ceiling in your small bathroom has dramatic angles or if you have built-in features with exposed surfaces, use contrasting colors to either pull these elements visually closer or to push them farther away.

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