How interior designers can add value to your renovation

When you are in the process of renovating your home or office space, you’re likely looking to upgrade the different areas of the property. Your home is your sanctuary, and your office is where you work hard all day. During a renovation, your goal is to transform the various spaces of your home into ones you can be proud of. It’s also essential to offer upgrades as a way to grab the attention of buyers when you’re looking to sell. Hassett Designs in Fort Wayne will bring your space to life by using a combination of passion, knowledge, and originality. With more than 30 years of hard work and experience behind our company name, we can guarantee that you’ll get the help you need from an interior decorator who knows the business’s ins and outs. Hire an interior designer that will give your home the look that sells. 

 Our Extensive Experience Saves You Time and Money

 When you don’t have an interior designer on hand, you will be left all alone to do the necessary research on how to upgrade your home during a remodel. You already have enough to do, so hiring a reliable designer will save you both time and money. Our knowledgeable designers have years’ worth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table. They have been working with homeowners and contractors for years, and they will help you stay right on budget during your renovation. Plus, the time you save by hiring a professional will pay off in the end tenfold. You won’t need to conduct hours of research on your own when you have a reliable designer who has the experience and knowledge you need. 

 Benefit From Our Complex Network

 We’re here to tell you that we know who to call when something happens to be out of our scope of experience. With so many years of working alongside various contractors, our interior designers will likely know which professional to call when you need something else done to your home during your renovation. This helps lower your risk of accidentally hiring an unqualified individual or company and receiving substandard work. We also know how to speak with contractors and other project coordinators, and we can be your advocate when you want to make sure something is being remodeled or built the way you want it. We’re here to speak on your behalf when you don’t know how to broach the subject with contractors.

 We Pay Attention to Detail

 Our goal is to create the most beautiful spaces that will satisfy your every need. Start with our free design consultation to discuss your vision and end with a final project you will be thrilled to show off. Our interior decorators take a serious, unique approach to every project. Whether you need a small design upgrade or a major home reconstruction, we will effortlessly manage the project from start to finish with an attention to detail you’ll appreciate. Your project, whether big or small, will always be executed the right way. If you are selling your home, potential buyers will love the newest upgrades we will make happen. 

 You’ll Increase the Resale Value

 If you are renovating your home with the intent to put it on the market, our interior designers will know exactly what to do for your home to add the most value. They understand what is selling at the moment and what buyers are looking for which is crucial for renovating and reselling a home. They know the inside scoop concerning what upgrades and remodels will help make your home stand out from all the others. For example, you may not know where to place the lights and furniture in your newly renovated home to make the area look bigger. Our interior decorators do! Having an interior design team take over in a highly competitive market will put your home at the front of the line for potential buyers. Our qualified designers will do what it takes to increase the showings and offers for your home. 

 Add Value to Your Renovations Today

 When you are renovating your home and need an expert hand in the decorating aspects, Hassett Designs in Fort Wayne has the qualifications and expertise you have been looking for. Our interior decorators will meet with you on-site to provide a free consultation. Remember, you are never under any obligation to use our services! However, we are confident that we can develop the right plan together, which satisfies your home decorating needs within your budget. When looking for the newest interior decorating designs for your home, call Hassett Designs and ask for a personal interior decorator who will make your dreams a reality.