Choosing the Best Child Care Center for You!

Finding the best child care center is crucial to your child’s development as well as your anxiety levels. You want to find a place where your child can learn and grow as their teachers give them the best care possible. We’ve got a few ways to help you find the best child care center for your family.

Make A List

Make a list of the things you want and need for your child’s care. You can do this before you choose which places to tour. Do you want them to go all day? Do you want the center to put kindergarten-readiness or social development at the top of the list? Are there specific things you want them to learn or do while in a program? Your list should match the program’s top priorities.

Safety Concerns

When you tour a facility, safety and licensing should be top-notch. Every place should follow strict safety guidelines. Ask as many questions as you feel about their safety rules. Make sure they have clear policies regarding the people that get to walk through the doors. Talk to them about emergency preparations. Ask them about the smallest details like how they clean the area during diaper changes. Ask where they store the cleaning supplies. The smallest things can be huge safety concerns for tiny children.

Walk In Your Child’s Shoes

Think about your child as you tour the facility. Look around the classrooms imagining what it looks like from their perspective. Notice all of the details. Is it a comfortable place for a child? Will they feel secure? Make sure there are plenty of toys and books. Children are going to want to explore and play as they learn.

Look Out For Loving Teachers

Child care teachers are teaching your children all about the world both educationally and socially. They should connect with you as well as your child. Watch how they interact with the other children. They’re going to be sticky by the end of the day. They should still be smiling. They need to be able to teach your kids about colors and letters then switch to helping them take a nap. Teachers should be loving and in charge at the same time.


Accreditation and licensing are huge in childcare. Accreditation means your child is getting the highest degree of care. A licensed facility means they must go above and beyond for the safety of your child. These facilities are closely monitored. A child care program with high marks should leave you with a great feeling.

Follow Your Heart

In the end, you’ll probably have a feeling where your family best fits. If someone is listening to your concerns and seems to truly care about your child, you’ll feel it in your gut. You can visit as many times as possible. You can call and e-mail with questions. Childcare center directors understand your concerns. They want to help you feel comfortable with leaving your child with them.

Once you find the best place for your family in Fort Wayne, IN you’re on your way to a new chapter. Get ready for your child to have the time of their life. The toughest part will be letting their little hand go the first day, but you can rest assured knowing they’re in the best hands at Kiddie Prep School.