5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Auto Mechanic in Fort Wayne, Indiana

All you have to do nowadays to find anything you want is to hop online and search for it. From the best Italian restaurant to the most popular nail salon to a reliable auto mechanic, the information is there for the taking. However, when your search involves the latter, you will want to make sure you pick the best auto mechanic in Fort Wayne for any auto repairs you need. While you can learn a lot through testimonials and user reviews, many issues are still best answered by the following questions.

Here are five questions you need to ask when choosing a mechanic to fix your car. 

 1. Are you familiar with the make and model of my vehicle?

 You wouldn’t hire a contractor who has never built a house before, so why would you hire an auto mechanic in Fort Wayne who has never worked on your type of vehicle? Experience working on the actual make and model of the car you own is essential when it comes to a successful experience. It’s also normal for some auto shops to offer services that cater to a certain type of vehicle, such as foreign car repair. If this is the type of repair shop you have found, but your car is American, it is probably better to look elsewhere for a mechanic. Ask the owner or mechanic in charge how much experience they have with your specific make and model before agreeing to any services. 

 2. Do you offer free written estimates?

 Before allowing an auto mechanic in Fort Wayne to work on your vehicle, make sure you know what you have to pay for upfront. For example, many shops will provide a free diagnostic exam to determine the problem with your vehicle, while others will charge just for an estimate. If you must go with a shop that charges for an estimate, it’s okay to ask how that charge is determined. It’s often by flat rate or by the hour. It’s also essential to get your estimate in writing, especially when you have to pay for it in the first place. This allows you to see precisely what you will be paying for while holding the auto repair shop responsible for the final cost. Always ask for a copy of the estimate if you decide to go with that particular repair shop. 

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 3. Will you let me know if there are unexpected expenses discovered while you repair my vehicle?

 No one wants to pick up their vehicle expecting one price but charged much more than the estimate. Your mechanic should always agree to contact you to consent for any additional expenses that may occur during the repair process. Remember, unexpected expenses can and do happen, but you should always be told about them upfront. You will then be able to give consent to the repair shop for the new work they must do to get your vehicle back up to speed. Ask for a revised estimate for any new costs the repairs will incur, and make sure they are also put down in writing. 

 4. What types of warranties or guarantees do you offer?

 Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of written guarantees or warranties the repair shop offers on their labor and parts. Some offer warranties up to a specific mileage limit or for a certain amount of time. Ask the mechanic to provide you with their warranty policies right off the bat. You want to make sure you can come back to the shop if the part they fixed breaks down just weeks later. Most shops offer some guarantee on their parts and labor, but you have to ask each one to determine their specific time frame. 

 5. How much experience do your employees have?

 If your vehicle is taken care of by multiple employees, then you want to make sure they are appropriately certified and insured to work on your car. The ASE, or National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, has provided certification for automotive professionals for over 45 years. Your mechanic should be ASE-certified before they work on your vehicle. You don’t want new, untrained employees taking care of such an essential piece of equipment.

At Kruse Automotive, we are ready to answer every one of your questions today! Remember, there is never any reason to be shy when it comes to asking questions. Auto repairs can be costly in many cases, so it is important to ask as many questions as possible concerning the labor and services you would like to receive from an auto mechanic. When you need work done on your vehicle, and you want it done right, trust the licensed and insured professionals at Kruse Automotive. With free estimates and prompt service, you’ll find Kruse to be the best in the area. For more useful articles to help you with your vehicle needs and questions, click here.