Affordable Plumbing Services in Waterloo, Indiana

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Residents of Waterloo, Indiana and outlying communities appreciate Kaufman Well Drilling. The firm offers a full spectrum of cost-effective, affordable plumbing services. Emergencies requiring the skills of a trained plumber sometimes occur without warning. Consider adding the company’s number to your cell phone speed dial list. Call 260-837-7191 whenever you need to obtain the assistance of a qualified local plumber.  


About Kaufman Plumbing 

 Why should you consider seeking the services of Kaufman Well Drilling to resolve plumbing problems? The company offers some important advantages: 


  • Family Owned and Operated; 
  • Serving Customers Since 1976; 
  • A Trusted Local Firm Based in Waterloo; 
  • Licensed And Insured; 
  • Complete Plumbing Services. 


Serving Northeast Indiana And Northwest Ohio 

 Customers usually save money by seeking assistance from plumbing firms serving their communities. Hiring a nearby firm, instead of one from Fort Wayne helps reduce travel costs. Kaufman Well Drilling uses capable plumbing technicians based in your geographic area. Consider the locations within the company’s service zone: 


  • Waterloo; 
  • Hamilton; 
  • Butler; 
  • Auburn; 
  • Angola; 
  • Rural Northwestern Ohio. 


Important Plumbing Services 

 Kaufman Well Drilling offers a variety of plumbing services. In addition to drilling water wells, the company assists customers with a variety of common problems involving household pipes, fixtures, and residential (in-home) utility lines. Request services in any of these areas: 


Emergency Plumbing Services 

  Contact Kaufman Well Drilling for swift assistance when household plumbing emergencies arise. A frozen water pipe or a leaky residential water line can cause extensive damage to homes sometimes. It makes sense to seek fast, knowledgeable local plumbing services! 


Household Plumbing Issues 

 Kaufman Well Drilling offers a variety of in-demand household plumbing services. By keeping your home’s plumbing system in good repair, you’ll help maintain its real estate value. Contact the company for assistance with any of these types of projects: 

  •  Installing or replacing toilets, faucets, sinks, tubs, showers, or garbage disposal units; 
  • Household plumbing repair services, such as fixing a leaky faucet or a malfunctioning garbage disposal; 
  • Plumbing remodeling projects in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. 


Hot Water Heater Services 

 Kaufman Well Drilling also offers useful hot water heater services. Ask the company to install, repair, or replace a home hot water heater. Sometimes installing new “tankless” hot water heaters assists customers in reducing utility bills. This type of project may require modifying home utility lines. It requires the services of a skilled (and licensed) plumbing contractor. 


In Home Utility Lines 

  Customers count on Kaufman Well Drilling for assistance in installing, repairing, and replacing a variety of in-home utility lines. For example, the company replaces washing machine lines and performs in-home water line repairs. It also installs in-home sewer lines for customers in some situations. It offers residential gas line services for dryers, stoves, and fireplaces, too. Contact the firm to request assistance with these types of projects: 

  • Plumbing and sewer pipe leak detection services; 
  • Remodeling services involving in-home utility lines; 
  • Adding additional in-home sewer lines during remodeling projects. 


Plumbing Pipe Problems And Repiping 

  Over the course of time, plumbing pipes eventually develop extensive wear and tear. Pipes may corrode, or develop frequent leaks. In some cases, customers save money by replacing the plumbing pipes in their homes (“repiping”). Kaufman Well Drilling offers skilled leak detection, pipe repair, and repiping services to assist homeowners. The company sometimes performs whole house repiping. 


Why Customers Choose Kaufman Plumbing 

 Kaufman Well Drilling offers excellent value. The company charges fair, up front prices. Its great reputation for customer service makes it a popular choice. As a business with strong ties to Dekalb County, the company possesses familiarity with local roads. The firm’s plumbing service technicians use the fastest, most direct routes to help control travel costs. 


Further Information 

 Does your home or business require the skills of a licensed Indiana plumber? Obtain fast, reliable plumbing assistance. Select Kaufman Well Drilling as your local plumbing contractor today. Schedule an appointment for service now. Use the online contact form, or call 260-837-7191